Treasure In Heaven


Treasure In Heaven now available Video on Demand (VOD)

Up until now, the movie Treasure In Heaven has only been available on DVD. It is now available on VOD rental on both and on


Christian St. John Reviews Treasure In Heaven

Christian St. John reviews the film “Treasure in Heaven”. See the review by going to


Official Selection 2014 International Christian Film Festival

The International Christian Film Festival was held in Orlando, FL in April of 2014. Threase in Heaven was one of 12 officially selected films for the festival.



Official Selection 2013 Chinese American Film Festival

The Chinese American Film Festival was held in November of 2013. Treasure in Heaven was one of 40 films officially selected for the the year.

Christian Film Database Reviews Treasure In Heaven

Christian Film Database (CFDb) has reviewed the film Treasure In Heaven for it's reader. See the review at


Treasure In Heaven Premiere at Cobb Theater in Leesburg VA.

The long awaiting and anticipated premiere of the “Treasure in Heaven” movie was held at the Cobb Theater in Leesburg on November 10th. The brand new Cobb Theater multiplex served as an elegant place to premiere this faith based movie. Over 200 people attended this limited invitation premiere. The audience reaction to the feature was very positive as many laughs and cheers were heard during the screening which ended in spirited applause.


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